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In this section, we share useful information about services at Sakoon, self-care & total body wellness that have transformed lives and brought us to the center of our mind, body, and spirit.

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Pellet Bio-identical Hormone Therapy vs. Other Methods of Hormone Replacement Therapy
Want to improve the quality of your sleep, weight control, or just your quality of life in general? Find out how to have hormone replacement therapy with all of the benefits and none of the fear, right here!
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A Small Something about Sexual Wellness and “Vitamin O”…Orgasm!
In these COVID-19 times, everyone needs a healthy dose of "Vitamin O" to keep our happiness levels up, and the stress monster away. But what is "Vitamin O" and what does it actually do for us?
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(Instagram Live)
Sexual Health Discussion with
Sakoon The Spa
In this Instagram Live session, Drs. Robin and Ansar Khan, along with our seasoned practitioner Angela, had an open discussion with our viewers on the various factors of women’s and men’s sexual health, which includes a low sex drive/libido, how sexual health can impact our general health, and so on.
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The Role of Vitamin D in Skin Health, Wound Healing and General Immune Health
We take a look at the significance that Vitamin D and other antioxidant vitamins hold in the role of immune health with specific emphasis on skin health and healing following any biomedical procedure.
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What should we expect from a sexual experience and orgasm throughout our lifetime?
At Sakoon the Spa, we believe that, at any age, being comfortable and confident with one's sexuality is essential to complete wellness of body, mind, and soul.
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Why Pleasure Is Essential To Sexual Wellness
In this post, we take a deeper and more nuanced look at why sexual wellness is not just all about contraception, avoiding STDs, and consent.
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